Calia CT

Find out what makes Calia the best Cuddle Therapy in Montreal. Whether it's its own purpose and vision, its specially designed cuddling space or the quality of its professional cuddlers; Calia makes every effort to offer you the best cuddle therapy services.

Calia's Mission

Calia Cuddle Therapy

Calia aims to provide quality cuddle therapy services to those who need platonic touch and/or to explore their own consent and others, all in a healthy, clean and safe space. Our professional cuddlers are trained to support you in your personal journey towards better consent practice, the exploration of your personal boundaries and the improvement of your interpersonal relationships, while fulfilling your needs of warm and platonic touch and human connexion.

Whether in the form of an individual session or a group workshop, cuddle therapy gives you the necessary tools to obtain the affection you need so much: understand what consent is, learn to take care of your well-being and to ask, accept, refuse and offer the cuddles you need while improving your interpersonal relationships.

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Calia's Code of Conduct

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Calia's Guide to Consent

See how we can make sure that everyone is actually consenting and thus having a great moment, at every moment.

Calia's Cuddle therapy Services

See what are the Cuddle therapy Services offered at Calia's and which one would better suit your needs and boundaries.