Consent Shop

A cool way to help raise awareness and spread the word about consent.
Une façon cool d’aider à informer et conscientiser les gens face au consentement.


(All prices include taxes)

Why is it so cool (other than the obvious reasons)?

  • The profits will directly go to Calia’s mission for Consent awareness raising, thus the creation/production/distribution of T-shirts/posters/cards/guides/etc educating the population and raising awareness towards the importance of valid consent.
  • The clothes are directly ordered on calia’s website and printed and shipped automatically, all thanks to a Quebecois company (so you’re encouraging the local economy) which has also offered exceptionnal service and prices (meet Printeez!)
  • The clothes and the printing method have been chosen based on their quality and durability (in other words, they might be a bit more expensive, but you can machine wash AND machine dry them, and they’ll still stay nice!