Contest – Slogans for Calia!

Contest - Slogans for Calia

Help Calia raise awareness about the importance of Consenting Cuddles!

Respecting the themes of Cuddles and Consent, come up with slogans that Calia could put on her t-shirts, hoodies, onesies, cushions, pillows, blankets, etc.
Cute, cool, deep or instructive slogans; in French, Quebecois or English!

And you could win a $ 25 discount off your next Workshop, Session, or the Calia product of your choice!*

*Certain conditions apply


To participate

(you have until March 20th, 2019)

Submit your slogan(s)...


Conditions of the contest

1. Participation:

1.1. The deadline to submit a slogan is March 20th 2019 at midnight.

1.2. To participate: Send your slogan idea(s) to Calia, either by email (, text (438-808-0567), Messenger ( or by commenting the very post of the contest on Facebook or Instagram.

1.3. The slogan must meet the following conditions:

a. The slogan must be in French, Quebecois or English.
b. The slogan must respect the themes of Cuddles and Consent.
c. The slogan must not have any sexual connotation.

1.4. Calia employees can not participate in the contest.

2. Draw:

2.1. The chosen slogans will ultimately be chosen by Valérie Hébert-Gentile, representing Calia.

2.2. For each slogan chosen by Calia, the corresponding participant will have 1 chance to enter the draw for a $ 25 discount.

2.3. A participant can participate as many times as they wants. Only selected slogans will allow participation in the draw.

2.4. Each slogan will only allow one entry in the draw. In case more than one participant has submitted the same slogan; only the first participant proposing the slogan in question may participate in the draw.

2.5. The draw will take place in person at the last Atelier de Câlins of March.

2.6. The winner will immediately receive a message (either by SMS, Messenger or email).

2.7. If the winner wants it; the winner and its winning slogan may be posted on the contest post, the Calia page, the Calia website contest page and / or the Calia website home page.

3. Price:

3.1. The $ 25 discount will be given as a coupon code that can be used on the website when booking a service (Workshop or Session) or buying a product.

3.2. The $ 25 discount will only be valid once and can not be combined with any other offer.

3.3. The $ 25 discount will be valid for as long as Calia exists, until it has been used.

3.4. The chosen workshop must have been booked on the website and correspond to the characteristics of the participant:

a. To be able to participate in an Atelier de Câlins, the participant must understand and speak French.
b. To participate in a Cuddle Workshop, the participant must understand and speak English.
c. To be able to participate in an Atelier de Câlins pour Initiés, the participant must be an Initié and understand and speak French.

3.5. The chosen session must have been booked on the website and therefore respect the availability of the professional.

4. Rights:

4.1. The chosen slogans will be used for promotional purposes for items created by and for Calia.

4.2. Calia reserves the right to modify the chosen slogans.

4.3. The participant whose slogan(s) was chosen waives any royalties and rights other than the chance to get $ 25 off (I do not have enough money to afford to pay rights to everyone, so do it especially for the cause, for Calia, to spread the good news and help me to make society aware of the benefits of hugs and the importance of consent, thank you!!).