Cuddle Therapy Session with Alie

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Spend an hour or more, alone with Alie, and experience the relaxing and comforting benefits of platonic cuddles while discovering the magic of consent!

Read the information at the bottom of this page carefully.

Then to book (if this service matches your expectations):

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  • 4. Commit to Calia’s Code of Conduct (for more details, click here)
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  • Your reservation request will immediately be sent to Alie and as soon as it has been confirmed, your payment will be accepted and you will receive a confirmation email.

(Even if you only book for one hour, please allow at least an extra hour to the session to have time to discuss before and after the session. For example, if you take a one-hour session for 10 am: you will have paid for one hour and will present yourself at Calia for 10 am, but your appointment may end at 12 am instead of 11 am.)

Now please commit to Calia’s Code of Conduct:

(It’s what makes the whole experience so much more comforting!)

Transparency * 

Good hygiene * 

Respect * 

Platonic state (NO SEXUALITY) * 

Personal boundaries * 


One-on-one Sessions

Spend an hour or more, alone with Alie, and experience the relaxing and comforting benefits of platonic cuddles while discovering the magic of consent. Cuddle Therapy closely follows Calia’s Code of Conduct and Guide to Consent.

*For more information on the terms and conditions of the services, please consult the Service Contracts.

Intentions of the One-on-one Session

These are the goals of the session:

– Explore platonic touch (dissociate affection from sexuality)
– Practice your own consent and respect that of your cuddler
– Explore your own limits and respect those of your cuddler
– Take responsibility for your well-being (learn to ask and answer honestly)
– Learn to appreciate refusals
– Respect your changes of mind and those of your cuddler
– Leave with an appreciation of a pleasant, comforting or relaxing moment

The typical course of an One-on-one Session

At the time of your appointment, present yourself at Calia (the address will be provided in the confirmation email) clean, and with washed, long and comfortable clothes (you can change on site).*


Once the paperwork is settled (see Service Contract), your cuddler will sit with you on the couch and take about fifteen minutes to get to know each other, but especially to explain / recall the concepts of consent (see Calia’s Code of Conduct and Guide to Consent).


When you are both ready, you can go to a bed (or stay on the couch, as you want!), and the session can begin.


During the session, your cuddler will make you comfortable and help you relax while accompanying you in your discovery of platonic cuddles, consent and personal boundaries.


At any time, if joint consent cannot be agreed upon, or if one or the other party does not respect the consent or the boundaries of the other, the session will be stopped (see the Service Contract)


After the session, you can fill out a small survey, if you want, and leave your comments.


* You are expected to take a shower and brush your teeth before arriving. The clothes you wear during the Session should be clean and comfortable and cover your body from ankle-length to waist, from waist to the base of the neck and from shoulders to the forearms (long pants and t-shirt).


**It should be noted that for issues of consent and security for all, each client must present a valid ID card and sign the Service Contract thereby agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions of service and Calia’s Code of Conduct. The client is aware that there is  a video surveillance system and agrees that the session or workshop is filmed. These measures serve only to ensure the safety of all involved. Calia Cuddle therapy ensures the confidentiality of personal information and recording of its clients.


***Cuddle therapy is not a licensed medical practice and should not replace the consultation of a health professional, either physical or psychological.


****Cuddle therapy does not include, under any circumstances, any form of explicit or implicit sexuality.


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