Cuddle Workshop September 20th, 7pm

25,00 $

Calia’s Cuddle Workshops: A place of plenitude and well-being where you learn and practice consent with caring and affection!

Join us on September 20th at 7 pm!

If you want more information, you can read the description below or visit the Cuddle Worshops page. (Pour les Ateliers de Câlins en Français, cliquez ici!)

For transparency reasons, we ask that everyone books their own spot and commit to Calia’s Code of Conduct (that’s why the website won’t allow booking more than one spot at a time; thank you for your understanding).

6 spot(s) left!



Cuddle Workshops

Facilitated by Alie Valérie, Calia’s founder, the Cuddle Workshops consist essentially of a small group of novice cuddlers meeting in Calia’s Space where they can learn and practice consent through platonic cuddles. It is always cuddle therapy and thus closely follows Calia’s Code of Conduct and Guide to Consent.

*Since communication is an essential element of consent, participants must ensure that they can understand and speak English (A French speaking workshop is also available for those who speak only French. Cliquez ici pour les Ateliers de Câlins en français.).

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Intentions of the Cuddle Workshop

These are the goals of the workshop:

– Explore platonic touch (dissociate affection from sexuality)
– Practice your own consent and respect that of other people
– Explore your own boundaries and respect those of others
– Take responsibility for your well-being (learn to ask and answer honestly)
– Learn to appreciate refusals
– Respect your changes of mind and those of others
– Leave with an appreciation of a pleasant, comforting or relaxing moment

Schedule of the September 20th Cuddle Workshop

7:00pm: Arrival of the participants, we remove our shoes, change if necessary *, sign the Service Contrat and settle in Calia’s Space


7:15pm: Welcoming circle, we create this space, this container, where everyone can feel comfortable and respected (once the circle is created, no one can join the group, so you must arrive before 7:15pm!)**


7:30pm: Explanation of the workshop’s rules and consent exercises


8:15pm: Consent practice through platonic cuddles (you have no obligation to touch anyone!)


During the workshop, snacks and refreshments will be offered.


10:15pm: Closing circle, we listen to everyone’s experience before leaving this magic bubble


10:30pm: Departure of the participants***


After the workshop, you can fill out a small survey, if you want, and leave your comments.


*You are expected to have taken a shower and brushed your teeth before arriving. The clothes you wear during the Workshop must be clean and comfortable and cover your body from ankle to waist and from waist to the base of the neck and from shoulders to the forearms (long pants and t-shirt).


**As soon as the workshop starts (15 minutes after the official time) the doors are closed. If You know that you will arrive late by less than 15 minutes, let me know and we will wait for you. But if you are more than 15 minutes late or if you have not notified me, you will not be able to enter. You can still be reimbursed (see the Service Contract for terms).


***You can leave whenever you want. If you leave during or just after the explanations (but before the start of practice), you can be reimbursed (see the Service Contract for terms).


It should be noted that for issues of consent and security for all, each client must present a valid ID card and sign the Service Contract thereby agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions of service and Calia’s Code of Conduct. The client is aware that there is a video surveillance system and agrees that the session or workshop is filmed. These measures serve only to ensure the safety of all involved. Calia Cuddle therapy ensures the confidentiality of personal information and recording of its clients. For more information on the terms and conditions of the services, please consult the Service Contracts


> Cuddle therapy is not a licensed medical practice and should not replace the consultation of a health professional, either physical or psychological.

> Cuddle therapy does not include, under any circumstances, any form of explicit or implicit sexuality.