Invite a friend and each get 20% off !!


When booking your Workshop or Session, on the “Reservation” page, at the bottom left, in the “Additional Information” section, enter the first and last names of the person(s) you have invited (separate the names with a “;”) and pay your reservation, as usual.

When this/those person(s) book their own workshop or session, make sure they include your first and last names in the same section and then pay their reservation.

When both your reservations will have been received, if both names match, you will each have a 20% refund!


– Works for Cuddle Workshops and for One-on-one Sessions.

– Yes, it’s cumulative (so the more friends you invite, the more your workshop or session will be economical!)

– But no, the referal can not be combined with the use of other promo code. (So ​​if you use a promo code when you sign up, you will only get a credit on your next registration.)

– No, your friend does not have to attend the exact same Workshop.

– It only works if at least one of the two people is new at Calia

– If your friend forgot to enter your name during their reservation, they can send me an email to give me your name.

– Reimbursement can only be done when both reservations have been completed and the names match.

– Yes, it’s up to you to inform your friends that you invited them…