Consent Workshops & Conferences

Consent Workshops & Confe­­­rences

Calia offers workshops and conferences on consent that are adapted to your needs, your group, your budget, your limits. All you have to do is provide the venue and the public!

*Workshop: presentation paired with verbal exercises to be done in teams
*Conference: presentation without exercise

Who is it for?

Since consent should be applied to any type of interpersonal interaction, everyone should learn what consent is.

So whether you are

a company struggling with sexual harassment

a non-profit organization whose members suffered from abuse

a community where consent is paramount

a school whose students would really like to understand these stories of “Without a yes, it’s a no”

or any other group of 5 or more people who would like to learn or teach about consent

Alie can help you better understand and practice consent with yourself and the people around you.

Why want to talk about consent?

  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Raising awareness and helping to prevent sexual harassment and abuse
  • Enable better communication and open-mindedness
  • Make the environment more pleasant for everyone
  • Doing one’s part for society by promoting the notion of consent

What is Calia? Who’s Alie?

Calia Cuddle Therapy was created in 2018 by Alie Valérie Hébert-Gentile to help people learn about consent and better communicate their needs and boundaries so they can get the affection and hugs they so desperately need.

Calia Consent is a branch of Calia Cuddle Therapy created thanks to the social cause of Calia “Consent-Prevention” which collects money in order to promote the notion of consent in society and therefore focuses only on the consent part; without any physical contact.

Alie Valérie Hébert-Gentile

Alie ValérieProfessional cuddler since January 2018 and Founder of Calia Cuddle Therapy

Age: 38

Pronouns: She/Her

Origine: Quebec (Abitibi) and Italy

Spoken languages: Français, English, Italiano

Other passions (besides cuddling!): Plant biology, Car mechanic, Teaching, Barista, Orderly in CHSLD

Story: Alie has always liked to cuddle, but hasn’t always known how to enforce her own boundaries or even where these boundaries were. It’s thanks to her training as a professional cuddler at that Alie realizes the power of consent and the importance of respect for personal boundaries; not only in cuddles, but in all interpersonal relationships. It was then that Alie decided to create Calia Cuddle Therapy in order to help her clientele both to get more consented cuddles and to learn consent. Then, when Alie heard the new slogan “Without a yes, it’s a no!”, she decided to create an acronym bringing together the 5 criteria of valid consent, so that people realize that sometimes even a yes is not a real yes; that sometimes it’s not the right kind of FIRES. Today, thanks to the generosity of her clientele, Alie has created the Calia Consent branch with which she hopes to be able to teach and further spread the magic of consent in our society.

Book with Alie

To host a Consent Workshop or Conference for your group

For you personally

How does it work?

1 Book your appointment
You make an appointment for a free consultation with Alie. The consultation can be done by phone or video call (you can choose the communication tool later in the appointment booking process).


2 We establish your needs and limits
The workshops and conferences can be adapted to any type of group; whether it’s 30 min in a primary school classroom with an interactive whiteboard, 3 hours in a theater with 300 employees or an hour and a half on Zoom with 5 members of your community organization…
During the consultation, we will take the time to identify:
  • the topics, other than consent, that you would like to discuss (personal boundaries, negotiation, needs vs strategies, how to love the NO, the Party Guide, creating a safe space, etc);
  • if you want a workshop (with verbal exercises to be done in teams) or a conference (without exercise);
  • the number of people;
  • the type of room/venue;
  • the presentation equipment available (if you want a visual aid);
  • the time available;
  • your budget;
  • your schedule and availability;
  • etc.


3 Preparation
If your group has special needs, we could schedule other meetings to ensure that the presentation is adapted as best as possible. Otherwise, you will have to take care of providing the room (or the platform if it is virtual; of advertising the event in order to gather people there; and of collecting the payments if you charge them.
Although topics and examples that could be sensitive are kept to a strict minimum during Workshops and Conferences; it is still possible that some traumas resurface in some people. It is therefore advisable to designate, in advance, a responsible person in case of psychological needs.


4 Presentation!
On the day of the presentation, you gather the people, we set up the presentation equipment if you have it and I take care of presenting the information and leading the exercises if necessary. The exercises do not require any physical contact or any physical equipment. I also distribute small valid consent cards (the right FIRES!) (for free).

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