Calia Consent

the right FIRES!

Calia Consent

Practicing Consent is basically making sure that everyone involved is, at all times, perfectly comfortable with what is happening. It’s making sure you light the right FIRES; meaning Freely given, Informed, Reversible, Enthusiastic and Specific.
Consent is therefore the key to a comfortable interaction for everyone!

When you have the right FIRES

personal boundaries

Personal boundaries are easier to identify

saying NO

It’s easier to be honest and say no when we mean no


It’s easier to ask for what we really need


The no becomes a beautiful thing as appreciated as the yes


Communication and relationships become easier


Being with others becomes more pleasant and comfortable

Calia Consent’s Mission

Calia Consent is a branch of Calia Cuddle Therapy created thanks to the donations received for its “consent-prevention” social cause. Calia Consent therefore aims to promote and spread the different concepts of consent, regardless of the type of interaction involved, throughout the population in order to make our society healthier and more pleasant to navigate.


Consent, is making sure you light the right FIRES!

Otherwise, it isn’t fun for anyone!

What does it mean, “FIRES”?

Click here below to discover all the facets of the acronym FIRES

Freely given

Without intoxication, pressure, manipulation…
Would a NO be accepted AND respected?


Action, person, place, time, intention…
Make sure everyone is on the same page!


People can always change their mind!
What if someone wants to stop once it starts?


« Oh yes!! » or « I don’t know, but I wanna try! »
Pay attention to feelings and body language.


Consent is only valid for the question asked!
If anyone wants more, adjust the question! 😉

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Alie Valérie Hébert-Gentile

Alie ValérieProfessional cuddler since January 2018 and Founder of Calia Cuddle Therapy

Age: 38

Pronouns: She/Her

Origine: Quebec (Abitibi) and Italy

Spoken languages: Français, English, Italiano

Other passions (besides cuddling!): Plant biology, Car mechanic, Teaching, Barista, Orderly in CHSLD

Story: Alie has always liked to cuddle, but hasn’t always known how to enforce her own boundaries or even where these boundaries were. It’s thanks to her training as a professional cuddler at that Alie realizes the power of consent and the importance of respect for personal boundaries; not only in cuddles, but in all interpersonal relationships. It was then that Alie decided to create Calia Cuddle Therapy in order to help her clientele both to get more consented cuddles and to learn consent. Then, when Alie heard the new slogan “Without a yes, it’s a no!”, she decided to create an acronym bringing together the 5 criteria of valid consent, so that people realize that sometimes even a yes is not a real yes; that sometimes it’s not the right kind of FIRES. Today, thanks to the generosity of her clientele, Alie has created the Calia Consent branch with which she hopes to be able to teach and further spread the magic of consent in our society.

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