Happiness in isolation

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10 ways to increase your happiness hormones despite isolation.

Happiness is not just love, money and chocolate! In fact, physiologically, happiness comes mainly from the production of the “happiness” hormones, like oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, endorphin… But you’re in isolation and there is no one to cuddle with? Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to produce these hormones, even during social distancing!



Doing light, relaxing exercise like taking a walk or doing pilates or yoga.


Getting some sunshine, so get up early, go outside (during the day, ideally!), buy a light therapy lamp or at least drink more milk (with vitamin D)!


Relax and manage your stress by focusing on the present, meditating, better planning your time and projects, staying informed without letting yourself get overwhelmed by rumors on social media…


Increase your self-esteem by complimenting yourself, helping others or giving yourself small goals and congratulating yourself each time you succeed them (yes, you can do it!).


Stimulate your interest and your brain by exploring something new, like a new passion or a new talent (especially if you have plenty of free time now!).


Indulge in your little “guilty” pleasures like listening to your favorite TV series, eating your favorite food, drinking your favorite drink (preferably non-alcoholic!), listening to your favorite music, playing your favorite game, but above all, ENJOY THE MOMENT!


Increase your heart rate by cardio exercise, laughter, dance (yes, orgasm also works!).


Use your own hands to simulate cuddles by taking the time to massage, caress and hug yourself (masturbation is also a good way to produce some types of happiness hormones, but they are not the same ones as with platonic caresses!). If the idea of caressing yourself feels weird, check out my DIY: 5 steps for a self-cuddling session, otherwise, if you can come over to Calia, you can now get a real safe hug thanks to my hug protector!


Use heat and pressure to simulate cuddles like taking a warm bath, wrapping yourself in a soft blanket, hugging a big pillow (or your favourite teddy bear!), hiding under a weighted and/or heated blanket (Nirvana Blanket*) or simply burying yourself in the pile of warm laundry coming out of the dryer!


Connect with others in an honest and attentive manner and make quality moments out of it; whether in person or online, the trick is to stay yourself, hence the importance of consent!

If you want to learn how to connect better with others through consent or if you need someone to connect with, Virtual Cuddle Therapy is there for you!

These suggestions are only suggestions and are in no way guaranteed; if pleasures become addictions, or if you feel unable to produce happiness hormones in a physical, physiological or psychological manner, please consult a medical and/or psychological health professional so they can properly help you getting there.
Above all, avoid artificial ways such as alcohol and drugs.
*Calia releases itself from all responsibilities regarding the quality of external sites/companies and cannot guarantee any results.

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