Cuddle therapy services

Rediscover the benefits of consenting platonic cuddles by learning or relearning how to take care of yourself; to identify your preferences and boundaries in terms of physical contact and, most importantly, to communicate them.

See below what are the Cuddle therapy Services offered at Calia’s and which one would better suit your needs and boundaries.

Whether in a One-on-one Cuddle Therapy Session or in a Cuddle Group Workshop, it is always with the same intention of well-being for all involved, and closely follows Calia’s Code of Conduct and Guide to Consent.
It should be noted that for issues of consent and security for all, each client must sign the Service Contract thereby agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions of service and Calia’s Code of Conduct. The client is aware that there is a video surveillance system and agrees that the session or workshop is filmed. These measures serve only to ensure the safety of all involved. Calia Cuddle therapy ensures the confidentiality of personal information and recording of its clients.
*For more information on the terms and conditions of the services, please consult the Service Contracts
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