Calia’s Code of Conduct

At Calia Cuddle therapy, everyone must make a commitment to respect this Code of Conduct. Following it allows us to create the magic, safe and comfortable space necessary for Cuddle therapy.

Read it carefully and make sure your expectations and abilities match Calia’s values.

*For more information on the terms and conditions of the services, consult the Service Contracts

1. Be able to consent

  • Demonstrate legal age of consent.
  • Be visibly in possession of all your physical and mental faculties.

2. Be transparent

  • Disclose any physical and mental health problems that may be aggravated by cuddles or put other people at risk.
  • Commit to expressing any discomfort experienced during your time at Calia.

3. Practice good hygiene

  • Before arriving, take a shower and brush your teeth.
  • Upon arrival, change into clean, comfortable clothes (because clean cuddles are so much more enjoyable!)
  • Apply current sanitary measures.

4. Be respectful

  • Respect Calia’s Space (physical and virtual) and everyone in it (clients and professional).
  • All violence, of any kind, is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not make judgments about yourself or others.
  • Respect the privacy of others. Services are confidential and all information collected during them can not be disclosed.

5. Stay platonic (NO SEXUALITY)

  • To avoid any ambiguity, everyone should have an appropriate and comfortable outfit, with the body covered from ankle to waist, from waist to the base of the neck, and from shoulders to the forearms (long pants and t-shirt) AND stay dressed throughout the whole time!
  • No contact of erogenous or sexual zones.
  • Hands must always stay on top of clothing.
  • No saliva exchange.
  • Mutual respect underpins all of the time spent at Calia and all actions must be devoid of any sexual connotations.
  • The relationship between the client and the professional is purely professional and limited to the setting of the service.
The ultimate advice: do not do anything you would not be comfortable doing in front of an 8-year-old child or your grandparents!

6. Respect your boundaries and those of others

(Read it carefully, it’s about “yours and those of others”. For some people, it is more difficult to respect one’s own boundaries, while for others, it is others’ boundaries that seem less important. Here, the boundaries of everyone are important!)
Respect, at all times, personal boundaries of yourself, others, and the professional.
Personal boundaries are the invisible lines beyond which one begins to feel uncomfortable.
Boundaries are variable and can change at any time and depending on several factors such as the context, the approach, the partner, and especially the intent. It is therefore up to the person themself to decide if and when their boundaries have been reached or not.

7. Practice consent

(Same here, the consent of everyone is important!)
Practicing consent is making sure that everyone is, at all times, perfectly comfortable with what is happening. (see the Guide to Consent)
*Failure to comply with Calia’s Code of Conduct will result in expulsion.