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Find out what makes Calia the best Cuddle Therapy in Montreal. Whether it's its own purpose and vision, its specially designed cuddling space or the quality of its professional cuddlers; Calia makes every effort to offer you the best cuddle therapy services.

Calia's Mission and Vision

Calia câlinothérapieCalia's Mission

Calia aims to provide quality cuddle therapy services to those who need platonic touch and/or to explore their own consent and others, all in a healthy, clean and safe space. Our professional cuddlers are trained to support you in your personal journey towards better consent practice, the exploration of your personal boundaries and the improvement of your interpersonal relationships, while fulfilling your needs of warm and platonic touch and human connexion.


Whether in the form of an individual session or a group workshop, cuddle therapy gives you the necessary tools to obtain the affection you need so much: understand what consent is, learn to take care of your well-being and to ask, accept, refuse and offer the cuddles you need while improving your interpersonal relationships.

Calia's Vision

Calia simply wants to make the world a better and happier place by joining the offer of platonic cuddles with the practice of consent! In a society where everyone respects the consent of all and of oneself, it becomes easier to ask for and get the much needed hugs, thus making everyone happier and more peaceful. Thanks to its conferences, its foundation and its various high quality cuddle therapy services, Calia will be Quebec's leader in Cuddle therapy, promoting the practice of consent and platonic cuddles throughout Quebec.

Calia's Space

Atelier de CâlinsLocated in the quiet and welcoming neighborhood of Villeray, as easily accessible by car as by public transport, our space is arranged to allow you the best possible cuddle therapy services.

As soon as you ring the bell, Alie greets you with a warm smile and invites you in. Hook up your coat and leave your boots in the entrance then head to Calia's Space. Calia's Space is specially designed to enhance your comfort and peace of mind: sheets and cushions are cleaned between each session and workshop; lighting and background music can be adapted to your preferences. A surveillance camera provides additional security for both clients and cuddlers.

Comfortably seated on our couch, you will be able to fill the contract necessary for your session and discuss with your professional cuddler your concerns, questions, expectations and needs. Then, during the session or workshop, you can choose and get comfortable either on the couch, the mattress, the carpet (padded), the cushions, the pillows, the blankets, etc.

Obviously, during the summer period, Calia's Space is equipped with an air conditioner.


Unfortunately, Calia's Space, being located on the second floor of a property without elevator, is not accessible to people with reduced mobility and we are deeply sorry. For those who can't come to Calia's Space, but would still need an individual session, we might be able to go to your place; please contact us.

Calia's professional cuddlers

The selection

Anyone can cuddle, but cuddle therapy is much more than just cuddlins and it's certainly not anyone who can be professional cuddler.


Calia judiciously selects its professional cuddlers to offer you only the best.

First of all, the personality of the person is important. A good professional cuddler must be able to be empathetic without being sympathetic. He must also be able to respect others and their opinions without any judgment; in other words, our professional cuddlers will not discriminate against our clients in terms of their age (the client must still be the legal age of consent), their identity or sexual orientation, race or origin, religion or position, their physical appearance or disability, be it physical, physiological or psychological, etc. The professional cuddler must also and particularly be able to control his sexual urges and thus maintain the session in a completely platonic climate. Our professional cuddler really wants to help you feel better, to experience the best possible cuddle therapy sessions and to improve through it.


As the consent aspect is the cornerstone of cuddle therapy, our professional cuddlers must be able to respect not only the consent of our clients, but also their own consent. Indeed, only by respecting one's own consent can a professional cuddler really teach and encourage the client to respect their own consent. In other words, the professional cuddler also has the right to say NO, as well as to ask, to change their mind, etc. (see the Guide to Consent).


Then, our professional cuddlers must ideally be bilingual (French and English at least) and be comfortable with the technologies (since, for example, the process of booking appointments is entirely online). In general, our professional cuddlers already have a main job and do cuddle therapy only part time. Experience in the areas of health, massage therapy, psychology or social work is an asset.

An audit of court records is obviously done to ensure maximum security.


Once the professional cuddler has been selected, they begin their training at Calia; we thus ensure the uniformity of the skills of our professional cuddlers. Moreover, their training is continuous because they are constantly updated on new developments in the field of cuddle therapy. In addition, they are regularly evaluated (by Calia, thanks to the surveillance cameras and by yourself, thanks to your comments).

For now...

For now, as you can see, the only professional cuddler available is Alie, the founder of Calia.

But we expect to find you the best professional cuddlers to offer you a service that meets your expectations and with the style that suits you. So stay tuned in the coming months to discover our new professional(s) cuddler(s)!


If you think you might have what it takes to become the new Calia's professional cuddler, write to us and send us your CV and cover letter. We will be happy to consult your application! Who knows, maybe you'll be our next professional cuddler who will bring warmth and comfort to all our clients?!

Alie Valérie

So, whether it's in a One-on-one Cuddle Therapy Session or a Cuddle Group Workshop, come rediscover the benefits of cuddles and the magic of consent!