Cuddle therapy Consultation

Learn self-care
one consenting cuddle at a time

Cuddle therapy: Cuddle and Consent. Session with Alie

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  • Do you need comfort, soothing physical contact, finally being able to relax in the arms of someone you trust?

  • You take care of others more than yourself. You just can't say no?

  • You experienced a traumatic event that now prevents you from enjoying physical proximity with others?

  • You've heard about Cuddle therapy, cuddling, consent or even Calia?

  • They told it would be good for you, that it could help you?

... but you still hesitate?


Book an appointment for a consultation (no cuddling, no commitment)
with Alie Valérie, professional in Cuddle therapy.
45 min, in person, at Calia.


You could then learn more about:

  • - Calia's Space
  • - Cuddle therapy
  • - Guide to Consent
  • - Code of Conduct/li>
  • - Service Contracts
  • - How Cuddle therapy Sessions and/or Cuddle Workshops work

And of course, we will take the time to evaluate your needs and expectations regarding Cuddle therapy and to discuss how Cuddle therapy could benefit you.

All without touch nor commitment!*

Cuddle therapy Consultation with Alie

Photo credit: Simpli Creative

* The consultation does not consist of a Cuddle therapy Session; there is no hug, cuddle or other physical contact. Rather, we will take the time to answer all your questions and assess your needs and expectations regarding Cuddle therapy.

* The consultation can not be extended to a Cuddle therapy Session. In the event that a Cuddle therapy Session would be considered suitable, we will together take a future appointment for your first Session.